Foi orthodoxe

Living Orthodoxy

2nd revised edition (2015)

by Paul Ladouceur

What is Orthodox Christianity?
Who are the Orthodox?
What is their faith?
How do they live their faith?
What are their Churches?

This book provides clear and straight-forward answers to these and other questions about Orthodoxy. It invites all Christians to discover the two thousand year-old Tradition of the Orthodox Church.

  • Presents the essentials of the Orthodox faith, the history of Orthodoxy, the Orthodox Church, the spiritual life, Liturgy and sacraments, major Orthodox prayers with brief commentaries and a special section on Orthodoxy in North America and Canada.

  • Includes an Orthodox lexicon with key words and phrases, extensive references to Orthodox resources (books, periodicals, music, internet sites, radio and television, theological education), listings  of Orthodox jurisdictions in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, full-colour icons on the front and back covers and numerous illustrations and line drawings in the text.

  • Ideal for Orthodox and non-Orthodox: catechumens, teenagers, young adults, persons with little knowledge of the Orthodox Tradition, visitors to Orthodox parishes and monasteries etc.

  • Low price for wide distribution.


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